Neil DeSena

Neil DeSena

Managing Partner

Neil founded the pioneering institutional trading technology system that paved the way under his stewardship as the leading system for the trading industry globally for over 20 years.

Neil was Managing Director, Global Head of REDI Products at Goldman Sachs from 2000 to 2006. During that time, he built REDI into the industry leading global multi-asset trading system, expanding data centers and global networking through Europe and Asia with full interdependency/redundancy, creating a fully 24×7 global institutional trading platform. He was also responsible for the integration plan and strategy that combined the functionality of FORCE (leading FOC trading system), TradeFactory (Spear, Leeds & Kellogg’s (SLK) program trading engine), WEBet (Goldman’s institutional client futures platform) & REDI into one client facing deliverable. He furthered the product’s global leadership position through seamless integration into GS Prime Brokerage and Clearing Services.

Previously, Neil was the founding employee of REDI in 1992 at SLK, widely considered the pioneering broker trading technology system. An innovation from its inception, he started REDI as a single entry order pad for Listed securities (DOT). By 1997, REDI was leading the next transformation with REDIBook (ECN), and by adding Futures & Options into a consolidated front-end. A partner at SLK, Neil directly managed the sales, support, and product team, and the technology team indirectly at that time. REDI extended its industry leadership, sitting on over 8,000 desktops, executing over a billion shares and 10% of the market daily. Prior to joining SLK, Neil started his career in the back-office at Quick & Reilly Clearing in 1985.

Since 2006, Neil has served as President of his family office, DeSena Investments. The primary investment strategy is focused on taking minority stakes in a diversified portfolio within the Financial Technology arena. He also serves on the board of directors of two portfolio companies.