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Passionate visionaries, inquisitive creators and masters of disruptive technologies make our world more efficient and empowered. We recognize the explosion of intellectual capital that is changing the way Wall Street does business. We believe emerging, innovative companies are transforming the $1 trillion financial services industry into a “financial technology industry.” At SenaHill, we actively partner with the leaders of our portfolio companies and advisory clients. We take an elevated view to strategically evaluate opportunities and apply tactical experience to help them realize their vision.

Axial is the all-in-one solution for business development: from finding capital, to sourcing deals, to marketing and analytics. Over 22,000 professionals use Axial to run key business development activities.
CAIS is a leading financial product platform offering wealth managers access to a diversified menu of funds and products. CAIS provides streamlined execution to an expanding list of alternative investments, capital markets syndicate offerings, structured solutions and real assets.
Striving to be the market leading wealth management platform. Robust technology designed for Family Offices and other Private Investors to make better finance, investment and management decisions with a particular competence in handling alternatives.
DriveWealth is a mobile and global full carrying broker dealer for retail investors and provides a low cost, easy-to-use investing platform to individuals worldwide. DriveWealth also partners with businesses around the world to offer its Brokerage as a Service platform, which allows global financial institutions to give their clients access to US listed securities.
ForwardLane’s AI solutions empower advisors to create personalized investment insights at the click of a button. Now advisors can drive expert conversations based on curated data that is relevant to each client and their needs – while freeing up more than 32 hours per month in daily work flow at the same time.
Fundation is one of the nation’s leading online direct lenders focused on small and medium sized businesses.
With a highly flexible lending model and technology platform, Fundation combines the benefits of a bank loan with the ease and efficiency of a digitally enabled lender.
HTTU makes it easier for health systems and banks to do business with one another. Utilizing safe and proven financial industry solutions; the HTTU operates as the central hub that transforms delayed healthcare payments into the certainty of accelerated cash.
Crux is an informatics company built to solve the pain of data wrangling by helping firms acquire, explore and transform data with ease.
A digital lender providing innovative, efficient, and flexible working capital financing to small and medium sized businesses. InterNex Capital offers Revolving Lines of Credit from $250K to $5M for general working capital needs. InterNex is able to optimize underwriting, monitoring, and funding through its integrated technology, data analytics, and credit scoring algorithms.
Democratizing investment research.
A leading provider of institutional-quality research and analytics for high-net worth investors and financial advisors.
Cloud based portfolio management solution for pensions, endowments, and family offices. The platform vertically integrates data, transactions and analytics coupled with a deep database on the universe of Hedge Funds, Funds of Funds and Private Equity Funds.
Extends cryptographic P2P ledger protocols to create decentralized networks for storing, tracking and transferring the value of any asset. Our solutions eliminate counterparty risk and the need for third party intermediaries for escrow, clearing and settlement.
Creates custom strategies specific to investors’ investment objectives. Patented technology empowers institutional investors to deploy the best strategy to express a fundamental view, maximize profit and meet capital & risk constraints throughout the trade lifetime.
TruMid is a revolutionary electronic trading marketplace for corporate bonds designed to increase liquidity in the credit markets. TruMid's innovative all-to-all platform allows market participants to trade round lots anonymously, lower transaction costs, prevent information leakage and leverage a new standard in best execution.
Trunomi solves KYC and data sharing challenges for the financial industry with technology to create and manage consent to share customer data. Trunomi’s technology enables financial services providers and their customers to securely share personal data and accelerate, simplify and secure the customer on-boarding process.
A new way to hire. Interactive, multimedia platform makes it simpler, faster and cheaper to recruit great engineers in the financial services sector globally by directly connecting companies with precisely matched candidates.
Advertise It. Promote it. Value it.
Multi asset class platform that allows sharing and promotion of relevant trading data to facilitate transparency and targeted communications between the buy-side and sell-side as well as industry rankings of volume leaders.
VIQ Solutions is a global expert in video capture software and audio recording with voice-to-text capabilities. VIQ provides a cyber-secure AI technology and service platform, enabling clients to unlock the value of their enterprise digital media and streamline their document-creation workflow, using artificial intelligence tools for measurable business gains.
Provides simple and compliant online private placement transaction processing. We do this through our technology and brokerage which enable traditional players and new entrants to succeed in an online networked world.

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