What We Do

Our powerful business model includes two primary and complementary offerings: Principal Investing with the SenaHill Investment Group, LLC and Investment Banking with SenaHill Advisors, LLC. We’re uniquely positioned to assist our clients throughout their company’s lifecycle—from inception and capital raising, through scaling and growth. We’re driven to build sustainable businesses and create franchises that can stand-alone or have successful exits. As partners we offer grounded insight and advice while leveraging our experience and relationships to achieve our client’s strategic objectives.



SenaHill Investment Group invests in early stage ventures that are using technology to disrupt and improve the one trillion dollar financial services marketplace. As proactive investors, we engage with management teams at a level much deeper than a typical passive investor who holds a board seat. We enlist our extensive, hands-on network of experienced and connected advisors to source, invest in and scale up financial technology companies. Our partnership provides emerging innovators immediate credibility and access to the key decision makers of large strategic customers. This facilitates anchor tenants and enterprise distribution deals. We call this “acceleration” and it can be the difference between success and failure for a young company. At the same time, the model allows strategic users an opportunity for early exposure to emerging financial technologies, setting the stage for strong commercial partnerships or future M&A.


We are trusted industry experts with over 100 billion dollars of collective M&A and capital raising experience. We are a diverse group of senior level executives with advisory and operating experience who have successfully founded, scaled, raised capital, purchased, integrated and sold financial and technology businesses. We intimately understand transactions in the vibrant Fin-Tech sector from an operational, investor, and strategic end-user perspective. This allows us to optimize your strategic objectives and articulate the true value of your company to maximize results. We tactically review strategic alternatives, assess available opportunities and help execute and implement corporate objectives. Whether you want to partner, build, buy, sell or re- invent, SenaHill Advisors assists financial technology players—large and small—in creating shareholder value.

Strategic Access. Unparalleled Perspective.